Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet Highlights

Neat and beautiful design The compact design with ultra-light alloy shell provides a solid feel and high mobility for the device.

Sharp screen 12-inch screen displays beautiful images; Multi-point capacitive touch technology with moderate sensitivity helps users operate quickly and accurately.

Powerful configuration The device has a very powerful configuration, completely inferior to any ultrabook on the market.

Beauty design

Compared to the senior versions, Surface Pro 3 has a lot of improvements in terms of design. The lines are neatly made, the layout of peripheral connections is also more reasonable. The machine’s outer shell is still made from VaporMg alloy, so users can be assured of the ruggedness of the machine. With a volume of only 0.79 kg, the Surface Pro 3 has very high mobility, allowing you to easily carry it with you and use it anywhere.

Sharp screen

Quality display on 12-inch screen Surface Pro 3 is impressive and highly accurate. The most difference is the resolution, when the manufacturer Microsoft has increased the resolution of the machine to 2160×1440, 1.5 times higher than the traditional Full HD standard. Along with that, capacitive touch has very good sensitivity, helping users to manipulate easily and more accurately.


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