Hello everyone, today’s video I would like to share with you how to create apk file of fortnite season x version 10.20.0

Create Fortnite.apk SEASON X | Version 10.20.0

Fornite.apk SEASON 10 Install Any Devices Fix Device Not Supported

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Below this article is our visual guide

Step 1: You see on mobile Device not Supported

Step 2: access to address apkfix.net

Step 3: Click key ||| / select icons Fortnite APK FIX

Step 4: Download number two

Step 5: Notification Center – 104.70 MB

Step 6: open file APK / Installing…

Step 7: You see Notification Device Not Supported

Step 8: We download add number three is APK Editor Pro

Step 9: We download plus number five

Step 10: Copy all text in file txt

Step 11: open apps apk editor pro that we just installed earlier

Step 12: seach processsysteminfo

Done: We proceed to install the modified apk file and everything worked well


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