Instructions on how to pair Apple Watch with your phone

Follow the article below to learn how to pair Apple Watch with iPhone, making it easy to access calls and messages even on your watch.

1 Check the updated version

To know if the newly purchased Apple Watch is compatible with the iOS version, you need to check the updated version and determine to have updated the recent version.

Users need to go to Settings (Settings)> General Settings (General)> About (About) and scroll down to see “Version” (Version) which phone is using.

To pair Apple Watch Series 1 or newer models with watchOS 5, you need to pair your device with iPhone 5s or have iOS 12 or higher (for mobile Apple Watch models that require pairing iPhone 6 series and later).

2 How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone

After confirming the compatibility of the iPhone and Apple Watch, make sure that the Bluetooth and Wifi connection is turned on on the mobile device. Download the Apple Watch app now in the App Store if your iPhone is not available.

Wear Apple Watch on your wrist. Adjust the cord so that the Apple Watch fits snugly but comfortably on your wrist. To turn on Apple Watch, press and hold the rib button until you see the Apple logo.


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